Respire : recover hope, courage, or strength after a time of difficulty.   Evolve : develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

We Help Families Stay Together After Marriages Fall Apart

If you’re anything like the parents I meet every day – and the parent I was more then 20 years ago – you’re locked in what feels like a battle for your very life. Divorce can be a war zone. All around us, we feel the turmoil and conflict that comes with the destruction of life’s most intimate relationship. We lament our losses and struggle to avoid being consumed by resentment, anger, or grief. All the while, deep within us, we feel the wrenching pain of failure at something we thought would last a lifetime.

Yet, if you made it to this page, I suspect you’re in touch with the driving belief that inspired me to become a co-parenting coach.

Regardless of our differences, our kids deserve two parents.

I’m Sheri Godfrey. I’ve been on the front lines of the war of divorce. And I learned the hard way that the behaviours you engage in today will define your child’s emotional health tomorrow.

Do you want to be right? Or do you want to do better?

Be the kind of Parent Your Kids Deserve?

Co-Parenting Coaching with Respire & Evolve

After a 15 year battle with divorce that inflicted irreversible emotional pain on our children, I know one thing about moving through this phase of life:

If we can lessen the pain you’re sitting in today, tomorrow you’ll show up differently…for yourself and for your kids.

Sad Child | Exit Strategy

At Respire & Evolve, we offer a non-judgmental environment to work toward peace and growth. Whether you participate in coaching alone or your ex schedules sessions as well, our approach is outcome-driven and totally neutral. We’re not interested in taking sides, but in helping everyone win for the sake of the kids. We don’t believe in blame…or games. And every session is designed to move you closer to a peaceful conclusion that fosters growth and emotional security for your children.

To that end we offer:

90-Minute Breakthrough Sessions on a single core issue or trigger
12-Session packages – may be split between 2 parents
6-Session packages
3 hour Crisis management Session

What Does Co-Parenting Look Like?

While it may be hard to imagine from where you stand today, divorced parents can create beautiful families together. Through dedication and workable co-parenting strategies, you can :

  • Raise joyous kids who feel free to discuss both parents without guilt or the fear of repercussions
  • Live without anxiety or animosity around interactions with your ex
  • Create a fluid sharing of homes that supports the needs of your kids
  • Share significant events in your kids’ lives without pain or trepidation
  • Integrate step-parents in a loving and supportive way
  • Avoid super-spoiling, overcompensating with money, or “Disneyland Parent” syndrome
  • See your spouse in your kids, and come to appreciate and celebrate it
  • Trade schedules with your spouse and support one-another’s growth and expansion
  • Discuss your children openly when problems arise, with solutions (rather than blame) as the goal


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  3.  Together, we’ll execute on the plan

I’ve been there. And it’s why I’m here.

Sheri Godfrey | ReSpire & Evolve

I grew up in Greenwood, NS, a proud Military Daughter. As a young wife, I grew up in a whole different way. For nearly 15 years, I battled the war of Divorce. My ex-husband and I spent season after season in front of judges – fighting for what was rightfully “ours” – caught up in emotions that made us more dedicated to being right, than to being good parents.

While the financial impacts of our battle were astronomical, they were not nearly as devastating as the emotional impacts on our children.

Decades later, my ex and I are able to share space. To talk. To see where we went wrong, and understand what we might have done differently to save the lives of our children. But for us it was too little, too late. Our children went to hell and back…and suffered wounds that may never heal. In knowing this, we suffer the pain of regret that will last a lifetime.

Today, my business is driven by desire – from deep within my soul – to give back to the world, and help you avoid a similar legacy for your children. In order to help, I became certified as a Transformational Life Coach by the Coaches Federation, as well as a certified Personality Dimensions (TM) facilitator and a Speaker.

Each and every day I bear witness to the spoils of divorce. I’ve also spent years as the operator of multiple daycare centers. Through this work I saw, daily, what happens to children who are ” in the system”, or damaged by choices their parents may be forced to make or feel unable to avoid. Also through this work and from personal experience, I’ve come to understand the court system inside and out – and to see from a different perspective how such battles affect human lives.

I speak from the stage, online, and in communities about the dangers of warring spouses – and the potential beauty of co-parenting and creating alternative family lifestyles.

Today, I live in Gananoque, ON with my husband, Tim. As a Nana, I am immensely grateful for the second chance to influence the life and future of a child, and I dedicate myself to that chance every day.

I wake up each day with the goal to provide a safe space for you –  and your ex- to express yourselves. And to walk beside you as you create a new dynamic for your family and your children. I support both parents to ensure that your children remain the primary focus of your work. My objective is to keep the battle out of the court room – and your hard-earned dollars in your pocket – while developing a co-parenting plan that allows your children life-time access to two parents who love them unconditionally.

Imagine a Life Where Your Kids Feel Loved…and You Feel Peace

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Hire Sheri for Personality Dimensions (TM) Facilitation

The Key to Understanding

When we understand how we communicate and how others around us react, we create understanding. Family dynamics demystify. Workplaces become more harmonious and productive. Relationships take on new shapes. As a trained facilitator with Personality Dimensions (TM), I can offer one-on-one insight or Group Training Sessions to achieve these very goals.

Personality Dimensions (TM) is also effective in helping couples dissolve their relationships. As individuals discover their own personality styles – and that of their partners – they can separate, while fostering understanding and tolerance. When two parents can work cohesively, their children are more confident, feel more secure, and stand a better chance of thriving…at school and at home.

For more information about Personality Dimensions (TM) Visit their Website: 

Find Your Voice and Claim Your Space

This workshop is designed to give you the ability to Speak Publicly. Whether you are looking to speak in front of your peers at work conducting training sessions, gather clarity of your message of your ‘why’ for networking opportunities, or hone your speaking skills in a sales position. This workshop is designed to give you laser focus, clarity of your message and the communication skills to speak without fear .

Respire & Evolve Inspires

Our Elders shared stories to ensure their history was being passed from generation to generation. Stories of heartache, misfortunes and triumphs were all passed along. Whether sitting around the kitchen table for dinner, playing cards or around a bonfire in the yard-these stories gathered us together creating community.
As technology seems to be our primary source of communications, it is more important now than ever to open up the communication lines, form community and share our stories. The struggles and triumphs of today (or of days gone by) need to verbal, and we need to share our history… or her story with each other and build common ground.
Respire & Evolve Inspires offers a safe space to share your story, and we are always on the lookout for valuable stories to share. You do not need to be a ‘professional’ speaker. The beauty of our speakers is that they speak their truth from their hearts, their souls and their bellies making a lasting impact on those who gather round for the stories.
Respire & Evolve Inspires hosts events 4-5 x per year. We welcome new speakers (and experienced ones), guests and sponsors to stay tuned-together we can make a difference.

To be considered as a featured speaker at a future event please book a discovery call to discuss the opportunity or send an email with your Bio. and the Story you would like to share. ( Please note our speakers are not paid )

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